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reflecting on your expectations and experiences in the course.

What were your expectations regarding your own performance in this course before it started? How satisfied are you with your accomplishments?
What challenges did you expect to face in this course? Were there any unexpected challenges?
Recall the writing process you followed for each essay. How would you assess your engagement in the writing process built into the weekly course activities, particularly the course discussions?
How would you rate your time management with regard to submission of course deliverables, such as essays, discussion posts, and Connect assignments?
What motivated your selection of topic, purpose, and audience for your writing assignments? How effectively do you think your essays accomplished your purposes with your intended audiences?
So What?:
What did you learn about your strengths and challenges as a writer, researcher, and communicator?
How will you use the skills you’ve honed to situations outside this course?
Now What?:
What will you do differently in future courses?
How will you address continuing challenges? What aspects of writing, researching, and communicating do you need to continue practicing?
How will you more effectively communicate with individuals, teams, and communities?
Successful assignments will do the following.
Respond to the three main sections with a separate, well-developed paragraph for each section. You may include brief but optional introduction and conclusion paragraphs.
Be typed and submitted as a Microsoft Word document (.docx) with 12-point font
Follow current APA guidelines (link to APA template) for essay format
Be one and one-half to two double-spaced pages (400–500 words), not including the title page
Be submitted for grading

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reflecting on your expectations and experiences in the course.
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