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the evolution of “healthy” beverages in the US adult drink market and identifying new product opportunities.

A 20-25 page paper on The Evolution of “Healthy Beverages”- both non-alcoholic and alcoholic – in the US Adult Drink Market and New Product Opportunity Identification Within
Category History/Timeline (Juices , Water, Water+/Functionals, Alcoholic Introductions with traditional benefits (such as refreshment, fun, release, affiliation, etc.) and new introductions with non-traditional benefits (such as hangover reduction?) Recent inclusion of alcoholic beverages and their benefits. Note: in the US these are usually canned or bottled Malt-Based RTD (ready to drink). Size of market(s). Growth or not?
Industry Trends/Consumer Trends fueling or emerging in this history
5 C’s Analysis
Needs Analysis – Needs identified, filled or satisfied or not?
Genders? Other target factors of note?
Key Current Players- Large and Small and their portfolios
Include Non-Alchohol players, Alcoholic Players such as Spirit companies, Beer companies. Etc.
Swot and PEST Analyses of all
Who is winning the game and why? Losing and why?
Portfolios and who is each product targeted to?
Examples of their marketing/advertising. What has been successful or not? How has Social Media grown? Examples?
Diagnose any new product entries of note in the last 1-5 years in this new Healthy Alcoholic space. Same thing with products introduced in the not necessarily health or functional space. Are these new to the world or line extensions? What consumer needs (Both emotional/social and physical/functional) do they or did they fill? (You can interview consumers to get at insights!) Think of both the higher order/largely sub-conscious needs (then to be the emotional ones) as well as the lower obvious needs (tend ot be physical). Successful or not? Why or why not?
Compare these three sub-category spaces (Non-Alcohol Adult Drinks vs. Alcohol with traditional benefits vs. any alcohol with “healthy”/functional benefits. Has one been these been more or less successful? Why or why not? Which benefits have attracted consumers and why?
If you were going to introduce a new adult beverage in the next year, what would it be? Would it be in the “healthy/functional alchohol” space or the more “regular” alcohol space? Or would it not contain alcohol? Why? Show where this fits on a Perceptual Map of the category. What company would you ideally be working for that would introduce this? Show the white space on the map that reveals the place for this new product. (Note: you can do more than one Perceptual Map that has different axis identified to show different aspects of the category). Explain your rationale carefully. Who is your target for this new beverage (fully flesh this Consumer Persona out)? What would be the key Consumer Insight driving this? What would be the name of this product? What would it look like? Taste like? What would be important in the marketing plan for this new product?
Conclusion summarizing the new product opportunity and how you filled it.
Make sure you include a title page, an appendix listing sources used, and any illustrations or pictures to bring this to life. You can organized this any way you see is best.

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the evolution of “healthy” beverages in the US adult drink market and identifying new product opportunities.
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