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Registrar ‘s office

Hello to, the entire registrar’s office or to who it may concern,

Here is my response to the letter that was sent to me on 12/19/2023 regarding the University’s Academic Integrity policy.

I will start by thanking the team that took the initiative to write and explain what I did wrong.

First, when I started the class in September 05 everything was fine till, I attended the onside session for the three days as soon after I came all this started. The special attention to make sure fail the class not to say I was targeted by this particular instructor, why because when I was submitting my time log at beginning of the class they where no issue, then the instructor started giving me 0 on any time log that I was summiting I will respond below her comment, then come the signature part which I later explained by email not sure if she saw it or not. Even though some time I will explain why I submitted the form the way it was or whatever the situation was, it will not change anything. That is why I was just looking at her comment without saying anything until I was tired of her confusing me. Then I sent her an email which she ignores as usual.

When it comes to the Discussion in Canvas, I saw the similarities when I posted my post because most students were asking almost the same questions for the scenario that was posted and I even said to myself that I hope the instructor will understand this. The curious part of the issue was when she was given me 0 on my responses to post because she was also checking that on Turnitin and base on the it similarities too I have never heard of any instructor that will check for response post and this mt reason of saying this instructor was here to make me fail the course by all means.

Next, concerning the Focused note and comprehensive note, I was working together with other students from Grand Canyon and west coast universities that were also doing clinical in the same clinic. We will write the Soap note together with collective idea from a patient or a previous patient or I had one soap note from one my course that I took, and it was talking about same patient Dx that I saw at the clinic I used that note but unfortunately for me I posted the wrong one for the comprehensive. All the soap notes we work on collectively we all had high similarities because when I had my grade, I asked the student how they did, and they said told me that it was graded but the grade was not good.

Lastly, the Zoom meeting, it was for me to ask questions about the grading process and to know more about what my instructor wanted, yes, we had the meeting some of the thinks were explained and unfortunately my connection was so bad it was raining, and the internet was on and off and I didn’t have the chance to ask my questions. After the Zoom meeting which was on the 11/22/2023. I did by best to write my discussions, case study and Soap note which the requirement are 15% plagiarism but on thing like case student we have to post case study itself including my answer on question that was ask on the same form I believe there is no way I can come up with less than 15% plagiarism unless I will rewrite the scenario of the case study and the question to have less similarities. As for the soap note I had 16%, 17%, 22%, and 24 % but got 0 based on what the instructor said the order came from the registrar and program director to assign me the 0. I understand the requirements was to get 15% plagiarism and I had the percentage that was submitted to me I worked hard to get at that point because I don’t know how to check my own similarity before submitting the note. After the zoom meeting when I wrote note I had to really read over just to make sure I was copying for somewhere without quoting the source, but it didn’t change anything. Regardless I promise myself not to give it up and do much better if given a second chance.

Thank you for your understanding.


Nicolette Nkiru.


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