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For this journal, choose a real or fictional company or other organization of interest to you. In our scenario, the organization is conducting a search for a new chief executive officer (CEO). As a board member of this organization, you are in charge of drafting the environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) section of the CEO executive compensation package. If the organization performs sufficiently on these metrics in the first 12 months after hire, the CEO will receive the full bonus or equity award (specified in a different section of the compensation package drafted by someone else).

Begin by researching ESG executive compensation metrics in the CSU Online Library. Then, write a memorandum by completing the Unit VIII Journal Template with the information listed below.

Header: Complete the Company Name, To, From, and Date sections.
Introduction: Describe your organization. Explain why environmental, sustainability, and governance considerations are important in the selection and compensation of the next CEO. This section should be one paragraph.
ESG Metrics Table: Provide three ESG metrics tied to the compensation package for the next CEO. For each metric, provide a short Metric Name, a 1–3 sentence Description, a quantifiable Goal (or goals), and a process of Measurement for determining the extent to which the goal was achieved. Aim to be as clear and precise as possible in this table to avoid any disputes over the interpretation of these metrics during negotiations with a CEO candidate. 
Conclusion: Describe what actions the organization must now take to implement your plan. This section should be one paragraph.