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Use the resources linked below to help complete this assessment.

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Community Assessment and Population Health

The following resources provide information and tools that you can use to complete aspects of this assessment, which relates to utilizing evidence-based practice within a public health context.


Assessment 2: Community Assessment and Population Health
 reading list.

Population Health and Planning

The following resources will provide you with a foundation in population health and planning for improvement initiatives that will help you to complete the assessment.


Assessment 2: Population Health and Planning
 reading list.


Population health data is most often going to come from three sources:

· The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

· The State Department of Health.

· County health data.

Who Are Your Stakeholders?

On occasion, stakeholders can be a source of data, especially if hospitals, clinics, or nonprofits are among your stakeholders. But even if they aren’t a source of data, you do need to think about which community stakeholders are available and should be included in the PHIP. Community stakeholders could be:

· Individuals or groups such as healthcare clinics or providers.

· A health department (or more than one).

· Small businesses.

· Nonprofit organizations.

· Community members.

Population demographics

Who are the people whose health you want to improve? Women, men, seniors, teenagers? People with angina? People who use intravenous drugs?

Trending health problems

Many PHIPs try to address health problems that are increasing in prevalence, or severity.

Environmental factors

Is your population in an urban or rural setting?

Are there specific risks related to that setting? For example, a population in a farming community may face risks related to chemicals used to control weeds and pests.

Community Resources

What kind of education is available to your population? What is their level of physical activity? How accessible is health care?

What about health programs? Are there available resources that could help improve health outcomes and compliance with screening?

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