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Leadership Groups

Picture a traditional large table in a conference or boardroom in your organization where
the leaders meet for important meetings. With that table in mind, now picture a meeting
where the leaders will be sharing a critical new initiative for your organization. Other
than the executive level leaders, who else would be invited to that meeting? Who gets
to have a seat at the table for such a meeting? How are other stakeholders who are not
in the typical leadership group included in the roll-out of the plan, or sought out to give
input prior to the internal roll-out of the initiative?

● For this formative assessment you can create a graphic representation of
those sitting at the leadership table and why they are invited to the table,
along with a list of who would not be invited to the table that could share
valuable insights to support the process.

● If you would prefer to write instead of illustrate, you can list the participants
with a brief evaluation of why you feel they are or are not invited to the table.

Leadership Groups
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