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interview week 5 journal

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Reflection Worksheet

For each of the statements below, write a simple reflection and a complex reflection.

1. I drank too much wine at the party. So what? I was celebrating my new job.

Aren’t I allowed to celebrate? My husband is making a bigger deal of this than is


2. I have been trying for 6 months to find a job but have not received one response.

It’s hopeless. I will never find a job.

3. My son is totally out of control. He stays out all hours of the night. I know he is

doing drugs. I can’t control him.

4. I know my anger issues cost me my job. I just can’t help it. I get angry, and I see


5. It’s not that I am against taking medicine. I know I need it for my heart. I just

forget. I go about my day, and the next thing you know it’s the end of the day,

and I forgot to take it again.

6. I know it is wrong for my boyfriend to hit me. But he says he loves me, and he

promises that he will never do it again.

interview week 5 journal
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