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(it is not an essay it is a discussion post. Do not do an essay)

Include references.

1-Discussion Post #1

Select a publicly traded company and access its most recent financial statements from its annual report. Include the name of the company in your subject line, and do not choose a company about which one of your classmates has already posted. Examine the income statement for that company and identify the items that deviate from the typical formats of the multi-step income statement that was examined in class. Find justification in the FASB Codification that supports or contradicts the financial statement presentation and cite the Codification section so that your classmates can find this information. If there are any items that you see on the financial statements that you do not understand, identify those on which your classmates and instructor can provide guidance. Participate in follow-up discussion by asking questions about the financial statements that your classmates posted or by responding to questions that they posed.

2-Discussion post #2

Using the login information provided in the Class Resources, access the Wall Street Journal and locate an article related to accounting, finance, or business practices that is of interest to you. Share the link to the article and provide a summary of the article and your reaction to it. Do not post on an article previously shared by a classmate. Participate in follow-up discussion by reading articles suggested by your classmates and sharing your own reaction to them.