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Discussion 1 706

Due 1/5/2024

Background Details

How organizations approach problems is often mapped to the solutions it applies. All too often, however, organizations tend to rush through problem-solving, overlook relationships between contributing factors, and fail to test assumptions thereby implementing an ineffective fix to Systems Thinking. To better understand “change” in organizations, it is important to conceptualize factors that may influence peoples’ behaviors within an organization, as well as understand why such factors may affect peoples’ actions, and reactions, to change.

Behavior is conditioned by sharing key information about what change is going to happen, clearly articulating the role of each individual in the change process, and providing the resources and support to effect the desired change. It is also conditioned by the prevailing norms – people know what is expected of them, what is acceptable, and what is not acceptable. There is no such thing as over-communicating when asking an organization to change. To this point, most successful executives who have led successful 
change management
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 efforts have expressed the need for over-communicating during a change experience. Likewise, however, no organization exists in which employees are completely happy with the 
communication processes. 
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In other words, 
communication is among one of the most challenging issues within an organization and thus it 
emerges as one of the most frequently heard employee complaints, especially when organizational change is underway. 

Consider the above-noted points in connection to the Alonzo’s (2012) article below in your responses to this discussion.

Instructions Answer these Questions

Identify a change initiative within your current or previous organization of which you were a participant. 

1. Discuss 2 successful 
systems of communication that were used in the organization in which you worked during this change initiative. 

1. Clearly define 
two (2) successful systemic communication strategies  used

2. Why, in your opinion, were these strategies effective?

3. What were the reactions of the participants? 

2. Discuss 
two (2) challenges the organization had to overcome to effect the change

1. Include how these challenges were overcome using the systems thinking approach to managing change 

Organization and Structure

· Categorize and label each section of your first responsive post with APA Headers (e.g., Situation, Communication System, Two Systemic Communication Strategies and Rational, Overcoming Two Challenges) 

· Follow APA guidelines for citing your work.


Cite from your textbook Senge and the Alonso article

Discussion 1 706
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