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cooper (final)

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For this assignment you will research and write your own eulogy for those left behind that are in bereavement due to your death.

We all want to know that we mattered in life.  You will have to imagine your own death to write your own eulogy. 

A eulogy generally shares on a person’s life.  A eulogy shares what a person accomplished in life.  A eulogy oftentimes shares what type of person the deceased was in life. For example, what he or she did for the community, the life(s) he or she touched in a meaningful way, and the like. A eulogy focuses on the positive of a person’s life.  You can imagine for your eulogy what others would say about you, for example.  You may research eulogies for ideas, but do not use them. Your eulogy is unique – not plagiarized from the millions on the Internet. By writing your own eulogy you are analyzing how death is communicated to the living, along with the community that would hear the eulogy, and you will find if media has played a role in your thoughts.  You will also discover how your religious commitment and ritual, if there are any you want to present, offer practicality and therapeutic ideals with the dying process and grief through your eulogy.  

Ideas to get you started on considerations in writing your eulogy:

· Introduction

· Early years

· Education/Career

· Hobbies

· Family

· Awards/Community Work/The Like

· Conclusion

What a eulogy is not:

· A eulogy is not a profession of the negative

· A eulogy is not a confessional

· A eulogy is not a poem

· A eulogy is not a resume

· A eulogy is not an obituary

· A eulogy is not a biography

· A eulogy is not an obsequie

· A eulogy is not a list

Since this is academia, your eulogy will have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  You do not need outside resources for this assignment. 

Your eulogy will be two to three full pages of text only.  Do not exceed three pages.  The reason for this is so your eulogy is very concise.

cooper (final)
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