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Interview Presentation: Questions

To prepare:

· Identify an interview subject with a different cultural background than you.

· Ask your interview subject the questions below. Be sure to record the interview and/or take good notes.

During the interview, ask the individual the following interview questions:

· Have you ever lived or visited outside of the United States? If so, where? Describe the experience.

· What do you identify as your culture?

· What are the most important values and beliefs of your family and community?

· What are the important events, traditions, celebrations, and practices in your family or community?

· How does your family or community define gender roles?

· How do you identify your:

· Race

· Ethnicity

· National origin

· Color

· Sex

· Sexual orientation

· Gender identity or expression

· Age

· Marital status

· Political belief

· Religion

· Immigration status

· Disability status

· How well do you fit within your family or community based on these other identities you hold?

· How do you think others outside your community view your culture?

· Have you experienced prejudice or discrimination? Please describe.

Powerpoint 4
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