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Chapter 27, 28, 30

There are some global messages here, in this second-to-the-last week of the course. Chapter 27 reviews a national conference that was held to discuss the treatment of destructive behaviors. Dick Foxx reviews the behind-the-scenes activities, and shows us that many times, these clinical decisions are not based on data and science, but on political correctness and lobbying. The point is – so we follow the data of our science, or do we succumb to other factors not rooted in science?


Bailey and Burch – the ‘big names’ in ethics in our field – then describes, in chapter 28, how we must maintain our ethics by insisting on advocating for and using treatments that are based in science, and to make sure we are always paying attention to the data. They make the point that behaving ethically this way is the ultimate sensitivity to our clients.

What do you think of this BCBA endorsing this autism treatment:

 What do you think is our duty to science and evidence? 

See this.



Lastly, in chapter 30, Foxx goes back to the political arena and digs up more scary stuff about how politics rather than data often influence what we do. Kind of depressing!


Please write a page summary of two chapter. 1 Page each (between chapter 27, 28, and 30

Chapter 27, 28, 30
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