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Response 2 612

100 word response due 1/6/2024

Hello, My name is Victor Arias and I am currently in my second semester at Nova Southeastern University. I am majoring in child protection services and I am looking forward to learning in this class. I hope with my shared thoughts you guys can learn as well. A couple of my hobbies include going to the gym and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Over the past three years, I’ve lost over 100lbs and gained a passion for bodybuilding which led me to compete in my first show in 2023. It’s something that has taught me a lot about my self-discipline and overall has taught me a lot about who I am and the things I can accomplish. I am currently enrolled in Advanced Criminal Procedure and Theory Child Protection. I am very eager to learn in these courses as they will broaden my knowledge in the criminal justice field and will be beneficial to my future. I aspire to take a route of child protection as I finish my master’s degree. I have grown up watching my mother work in the child protection field and it is very inspiring and has driven me to take this route and see what type of change I can do to the world.

Response 2 612
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