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Hart City Case Study – Scenario 7

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Hart City Case Study – Scenario 7
Program Transcript

MALE SPEAKER: Hello, Ms. Clark. Thank you for seeing me. I’m looking for disabilities
advocate to help me petition my landlord.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Hello, Mr. Grant. I will do my best to assist you. Can you tell me
about the petition and the events that led up to your landlord tenant concern?

MALE SPEAKER: I lived in my apartment for five years. I like my neighbors and
community, but I’m having trouble accessing things around my apartment. I was injured
during my last active duty tour.

When I returned home, I notified my landlord that I now use a wheelchair. And I made a
request to make my apartment accessible. It’s been a month. My landlord has ignored
my letters and phone calls.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Thank you for your service, Mr. Grant. It seems that you have
been patient. One month is a little long to go without receiving any acknowledgment of
your requests.

MALE SPEAKER: Thank you. I feel that I have been patient. I really like my apartment
so I don’t want to move. What are my options?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Sure. Let’s explore your options.


Hart City Case Study – Scenario 7
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