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 Assume that you are the deputy fire chief responsible for the organization and management of the fire prevention bureau. The chief has asked you to develop a comprehensive approach to preventing another incident similar to the fire problem you identified in Unit III of this course. The fire chief has asked that you present a PowerPoint presentation to department personnel summarizing your plan.

In your PowerPoint presentation, include voiceover narration for each slide, and utilize the notes section to provide additional details as well as the transcript for each slide’s narration. Your presentation should address the items listed below.

Explain the history of the event identified in the assignment in Unit III.
Provide the results of the community risk assessment.
Determine the role of fire prevention in community risk reduction and how it may have impacted the fire identified in the Unit III Essay. Also, describe if any fire prevention programs were utilized by the jurisdiction when the fire occurred. Identify the source of authority for engaging in fire prevention practices, including code enforcement concepts.
Discuss current traditional and nontraditional revenue streams that support your fire prevention practices. Describe considerations for the development of revenue streams to support enhanced fire prevention practices that would help ensure a similar incident will not occur.
Describe a public education component to utilize in your fire prevention plan.
Discuss how you will communicate your plan. What audiences will be targeted? Determine methods for effective investigations.
Discuss professional development needs to ensure that a well-trained and well-educated workforce exists to enact your plan.
Provide your conclusions.

Your presentation should be at least 13 slides in length, not counting the title and reference slides. Incorporate feedback provided by the instructor for each assignment into your presentation. Be sure to format your work using APA Style. Include three sources to support your narrative. Please include at least one correlated in-text citation for each reference.