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writing a timed essay in response to a prompt.

I need provide the actual question still i will rpovide it when i opened the timed quiz Please ONLY open this quiz when you are ready. to begin. Read all these directions and review the rubric before you begin (in this week’s module) The rubric criteria mirrors the essay structure you have learned in this course and the Essay #4 rubric.
Have the course readings available to quote from. The exam will ask you to choose one essay from a list of 3 choices. Be sure to only pick one.
IMPORTANT: Write your response in a word or Google doc first and then cut and paste to this exam. DO NOT write directly in the Canvas response box as it tends to time out after 20 minutes. If it times out while you are working, you may lose all your work. Be sure to cut and paste. Attached files or links are not accepted for this exam.
DIRECTIONS: Write a 3-5 paragraph, academic essay on the exam question in a limited amount of time (2 hours). Carefully read the question. Then, type your response in a word processing document (like Google docs or Microsoft Word). Then, copy your response into the quiz response box for credit. If you type directly in the quiz response box, you may lose your work if the internet goes out. Please note, you must enter your essay in the quiz response box by cutting and pasting your response. Attachments or links will not be graded.
This exam is open book, open note. This means that for this exam, you may use your own notes
you may use your own annotations
you may use any books (quoted and cited)
you may use any course readings (quoted and cited)
you may use a dictionary (quoted and cited)
you may use a thesaurus
you may use the internet (quoted and cited)
You may not use another person.
Be sure to review the rubric before you begin. You will be graded on the quality of your:
essay structure
paragraph structure
sentence structure
academic tone
fitting quotes and proper in-text citation
You will NOT be graded on:
MLA paper format rules like heading or headers or spacing
Works cited page
As this is a long timed essay, it is important to pre-plan your essay to ensure you have enough to fill each paragraph. Watch your time! Only spend a maximum of 20 minutes planning your essay. Also, you’ll want to give yourself at least 20 minutes to proof-read. Be sure you have an intro, body, and conclusion. Use quotes from the actual text. Don’t forget a thesis and make sure that thesis makes a clear, definitive argument
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writing a timed essay in response to a prompt.
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