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writing a three-part paper on the war on crime.

Section One: Summary
In this section, you will identify and briefly summarize the war on crime with an honorable mention to Markus Dirk Dubber
Section Two: Analysis
In this section (which should also be your longest section), you are to reflect on and analyze the topic. This section should not simply be a summarization of key points or statistics about a topic (that is for section one), but a critical analysis or argument about the topic. Remember, this is an analysis and therefore your critique or arguments need to be supported by credible information sources, not just personal opinions or assumptions. These information sources can be from academic sources (Wikipedia does NOT count).
You may for example choose to:
Take a position on the topic and argue that position as well as critiquing other positions or viewpoints.
Compare and contrast a topic or issue with another topic.
Relate a topic/issue to a current event or documentary.
Critique of a class reading or documentary. For example, you may want to take a course reading and point out areas of strength of weakness in the research or arguments that are made.
Section Three: Reactions
This section is essentially a “journal entry” to share your thoughts and feelings about the topic you’ve selected (you can describe your feelings related to the readings, class activities, discussions, etc.). We will be discussing complex social issues about the criminal justice system and most people will have a perspective or emotional response regarding these issues (usually shaped by a number of factors). You can discuss whether the topic presented in class was something you had never thought about before or whether you’ve had a change in perspective about a particular topic. You are encouraged to be as honest and open as you’d like. Honesty will never have a negative impact on your grade. Try to explain why you might have had the reaction that you did — whether negative or positive.

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writing a three-part paper on the war on crime.
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