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writing a proposal for a research paper on a sociological topic.

Course Project Proposal
By the end of SOC101, you will complete a college-level, APA format, academic research paper (1000-1200 words not including title or reference pages) discussing two sociological perspectives, theories, social issues, and/or social problems you may experience in your chosen field of work. The first step in this process is to research, visit Start Your Research Here, to explore possible topics. Submit a topic proposal using the proposal guide below.
Step 1: Choose your topic by completing the “Proposal Topic” template below. This is due in Module 1.
Step 2: Be sure to include 1 resource on the topic in an APA citation.
Step 3: Submit the completed Topic Proposal via Canvas
Proposal Template
The purpose of the term paper is to provide you, the student, with an opportunity to explore an area of sociology in greater depth. Your first step is to locate a resource on a topic that interests you. Please review the Course Project requirements prior to beginning.
Instructions: For your Week 1 assignment, paste the following questions into a word document to complete.
Find an academic article from the Carrington Online Library or Google Scholar that discusses your topic choice. Provide an APA citation of that article.
Identify your topic by describing it in context with the problems or solutions it creates, based upon your research.
Describe why did you choose this topic and why it is important to research it.
Discuss the connection between the sociological topic you chose and your (current or future) field of work.
Facts, quotes, ideas, etc. that are borrowed from a resource or resources other than personal experiences must be cited in proper APA format in your response. You can access Citation and Writing Assistance: Writing Papers at Carrington (Links to an external site.) for information about sources and APA format and read about Avoid Plagiarism (Links to an external site.) in the Carrington College Library. It is often helpful to submit your work to Tutor.com in the Tutoring tab for assistance with writing.

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writing a proposal for a research paper on a sociological topic.
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