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writing a paper reflection on your clinical practicum experience.

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With something. I will work on adding to assignment. Thanks For this assignment, you will write a paper reflection on your clinical practicum experience by answering all the following prompts. Upload you reflection paper into Canvas. Learner Clinical Practicum Reflection Reflect on your semester of clinical practicum experiences. Share an instance in which you demonstrated progression towards your future role as an advance practice registered nurse. Was there a particular skill, procedure, or competency you became more proficient in? Share your experiences serving or advocating for diverse and/or vulnerable populations. How did you incorporate cultural considerations or personal preferences when determining the plan or care? How were you able to incorporate Nightingale College’s Mission, Vision, and Values into your clinical practicum experience?
Discuss an instance which required you to collaborate with members of the interprofessional team or community. Discuss the members and team dynamics of this group. How did you manage or resolve any disagreements or conflicts that arose? How did you promote a non-bias environment and influence the team’s performance? Did working as a team strengthen the desired outcome? What types of strategies could have been used to improve team effectiveness if the desired outcome was not achieved? Discuss an instance in which a patient moved through the healthcare continuum or transitioned from one level of care to the next. How did you ensure accountability and communicate with the interprofessional team during the transition? Did you encounter any challenges (related to organizational structure or healthcare policy, ethical considerations, socioeconomic, cost, or other factors not otherwise specified) which made care coordination more difficult? How did you overcome this?
Discuss how you grew as a leader during this practicum experience. Discuss an instance in which you utilized your leadership skills during times of uncertainty?

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writing a paper reflection on your clinical practicum experience.
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