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Please see attachment. 

• Review the Learning Resources on biological development in adolescence and on
body image and body shaming. Consider connections between biological
development, adolescence, body shaming, and eating disorders.

• Search for pro-anorexia websites and use one for this Assignment.
• Review theoretical models, considering one that may be appropriate to use with

adolescents experiencing eating disorders.

Submit a 2- to 4-page paper on eating disorders in adolescence. In your

• Describe the role of peer relationships on the development of feeding and eating
disorders in adolescence.

• Describe the role of social media and body shaming on feeding and eating
disorders in adolescence.

• Identify one website addressing the phenomenon of pro anorexia and describe
the content (provide the webpage URL). Why might adolescents be drawn to this

• Describe the biological, psychological, and social effects of feeding and eating
disorders in adolescence.

• Identify and explain a theoretical model that can be used when working with
adolescents experiencing feeding and eating disorders.

• Describe two approaches that you might find useful for addressing feeding and
eating disorders among adolescents.

Make sure to provide APA citations and a reference list.