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Wk 6 – Transformation Plan, Stages 1–4 Cultural

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Wk 6 – Transformation Plan, Stages 1–4 Cultural Updates [due Mon]

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Review this week’s readings from Doh, Luthans, and Gaur (2024), with a focus on the research by the Dutch scholar Geert Hofstede in Ch. 4. Hofstede identified six dimensions of culture within countries that can help managers understand why people within various countries behave as they do. 

Consider how the transformation plan that you revised last week may need additional revision to account for Hofstede’s work. 

Revise stages 1–4, taking into consideration the following issues:

· Which of the dimensions that Hofstede identified seem particularly important to consider for your company?

· How does your transformation plan need to be modified after considering these issues?

· Will your company’s employees need training that will provide them with the skills to manage these issues?

· Provide an outline of any training program that will be needed.

Conduct additional research to supplement the cultural information that is provided in your case study.

Include, where appropriate, applicable graphs, charts, tables, and figures, which are excluded from the page count minimum. 

Indicate the revisions you made with bold, italics, or highlighted text so that your faculty member can easily see the changes.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Wk 6 – Transformation Plan, Stages 1–4 Cultural
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