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Week 1 Discussion – Company Description and Mission Statement

To prepare for this week’s discussion response, review the For-profit startup Company Guidelines provided below and select a business you want to focus on. Consider a startup company that will be the best fit for your academic, career, and personal goals. You will be living with your decision for the next 11 weeks, so choose well.


For-profit Startup Company Guidelines.

Download For-profit Startup Company Guidelines.

Throughout this course, you will complete activities that you will later combine into a complete business plan for your chosen company. That final assignment is due in Week 10.

· All discussions and assignments in this class will focus on the company you select.

· Your faculty member will approve your selection in a reply to this discussion post.

Post a Response

Note: Please review the information posted in the Instructor Insights area this week before working on your discussion reply. You will find tips and resources to help.

Introduce yourself to your peers by sharing something unique about your background. Explain how you expect this course will help you move forward in your current or future career.

Next please respond to the following:

1. Discuss the name you have chosen for your company and explain why you think it is a good name for your business.

2. Describe the product or service you will sell.

· If you sell services, clarify the service options you plan to offer.

· If you sell a product, specify the options (flavors, versions of the product, et cetera) you will offer to consumers.

3. Include your company’s mission statement.

· Enclose your mission statement within quotation marks.

· The mission statement should be a clear and cohesive statement with 3 distinct components:

· What you do.

· What makes you unique.

· Your core values and/ or purpose.

· Example: “Our mission is to… 
insert what you do and how you stand out. We do this with a commitment to … insert 
your core values and/ or purpose.”

Reminder: After submitting your post,
 watch for your faculty member’s approval in a reply to your post.
 You must have this approval to proceed.

Respond to a Peer


The company name is________________________.

This is a good name for the business because________________________________.

The company is selling: ___________________________________. Specify the product or service lines (up to 5). 

“Our mission  is to…  produce/ sell/ create/ offer/ etc. ____________ 
insert what you do and 
how you stand out. We do this with a commitment to____________ 
insert your core values (examples would be:  integrity, communication, excellent service, sustainability, community focus, etc.) ”

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