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Week 5 Social Studies

See content and template-USE TEMPLATE


Imagine you are teaching an elementary social studies unit about your community. Your class demographic includes students who are native residents of your community, students who are foreign to your community, English learners, gifted students, and students with learning disabilities. 

As you think about what to focus your community unit on, consider the history of your town or community. What brought people to your town or community? What kept them there? What industries have prospered or failed since? What does your community’s Chamber of Commerce think the economic future of your community is? 

Assessment Deliverable

Select a grade level (K–5) to focus your unit on. Complete the 

Social Studies Resources Template
. In this template, you will be identifying and describing:

· The focus of your social studies community unit and its importance

· Examples of different types of primary and secondary resources that will help support your community unit

· How do these resources support or accommodate your students’ assets and needs based on the scenario

Cite any sources used according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assessment.

Week 5 Social Studies
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