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Unit 5 Complete

1600 words MINIMUM (not including cover/reference pages or questions)

Requirement is at least five scholarly articles, ONE maybe the course textbook BELOW


Ferrell, O. C., & Hartline, M. D. (2017). Marketing strategy: Text and cases (7th ed.). SouthWestern/Cengage Learning.

UNIT 5 Complete

Using APA format and at least four APA formatted references and citations, choose an organization to use as your focus for answering the following questions:

· Determine the marketing channel structure used by the organization. Defend the organization’s choice or advocate for a different channel structure.

· How are nontraditional channels of distribution affecting your organization and its marketing strategy? Appraise the situation and discuss.

· Identify the components of an integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategy used by the organization. Using the AIDA model, evaluate the role each component is designed to play in meeting the organization’s promotional objectives. Is the IMC mix effective for the organization?

· Though advertising provides marketers a way to pay for access to communicate with target markets, it is frequently criticized. Is advertising a good choice for your organization and its target audience? Determine the relevant criticisms of advertising and propose solutions for your organization and its promotional strategy.

· The principle of IMC is that an organization’s marketing communications are more effective when they are integrated. Elaborate on how your organization could enhance the integration of its marketing communications.

Unit 5 Complete
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