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Touchstone 4 Formal report

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I need assistance with this project 

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Chris Nelson
Greenfield Properties
123 Sophia Way
Minneapolis, MN 55000

Dear Mr. Nelson:

<Enter a Letter to the Client here that introduces yourself, confirms your understanding of the project, and outlines your proposal>


Student Name


<Enter an introduction to your proposal here>

Network Infrastructure

<Enter your Network Infrastructure Proposal here>

Network Segmentation and Printing

<Enter your Network Segmentation Proposal here>


<Enter your Network Printing Proposal here>

Wi-Fi Networking

<Enter your Network Wi-Fi Proposal here>

Security Measures

<Enter your Network Security Proposal here>

Physical Security

<Enter your Network Physical Security Proposal here>

Infrastructure Access

<Enter your Network Infrastructure Proposal here>


<Enter your Network Authentication Proposal here>

Lockout Policy

<Enter your Network Lockout Policy Proposal here>

Password Complexity Requirements

<Enter your Network Password Complexity Requirements Proposal here>


<Enter your Network Firewall Proposal here>


<Enter your Network Anti-Malware Proposal here>