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the impact of Edge computing on Network architecture and security.

Title: Edge computing: A paradigm shift in
Data Dynamics
Investigating the impact of Edge computing on Network
architecture and security

I got this feedback from the professor and I need a modification that tackles all of this points, for sure you can change the references if needed : Much of this report is well written, but most of it is simply description. This report defies the instruction given in the introductory lecture and on Moodle. For that reason alone, it is destined to gain an E at best.
The discussion simply continues the results, as does the conclusion.
The research questions do not encourage analysis: only description. How are you going to create a discussion or demonstrate critical thinking?
There is not a great deal of unity or coherence in that facts are not linked in a cohesive way to show that there is a red thread that runs through the report. It is almost as if you have chosen to ignore the contents of the lectures.
Therefore, there is a lack of argument and reasoning and there is no critical thinking at all. This must be introduced into the final submission.
I will attach a pdf of a research paper that got an A grade the topic of the paper is zero trust security, you can take a look at it as a reference.
The report should follow this requirements:
The text is academic and therefore must follow the academic style regarding language use. The citations and referencing should utilise the IEEE system. You should write a maximum of 10 A4 pages including title page, abstract, table of contents and references. The report should be aimed at a potential reader who is your peer in terms of educational level, but who does not have specialist knowledge in your chosen subject. Note:
a) The report should pose research questions. These will then be answered, discussed and a conclusion given
b) The report is therefore NOT *write all you know about’ and you are not to present a mass of facts and figures that are not discussed.
c) Likewise, all assertions must be proven and referenced as evidence of research.
d) All reports are monitored electronically for plagiarism. The penalties for copy and pasting from external sources or previous student papers are severe.

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the impact of Edge computing on Network architecture and security.
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