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Social Science – Sociology WEEK 6 assignment

Please see attachment 

Have you ever wondered why some areas appear to be safe, clean, and filled with many
varied businesses, while others appear run down and lined with only check-cashing
centers, fast-food restaurants, and liquor stores? As a macro social worker, you often will
see that communities thrive and falter due to the resources available. The ways in which
society provides and allocates resources disproportionately benefits certain groups while
harming others through lack of resources or displacement.

All communities have strengths despite their challenges. Use of the strengths-based
perspective helps you to identify the potential strengths of a community and how to
advocate for its members to obtain the resources and services they need to be

• Identify characteristics that represent your community. Then, take a picture that

represents these characteristics in your community. Note that your photo does
not need to be literal—it can be symbolic.

Post a response to the following:

• Include a picture you took that represents the characteristics you identified in the

• Provide a description of the community.
• Explain the strengths and challenges associated with that community based on its

• Explain how you could utilize community strengths to address their challenges.
• Identify at least three (3) macro-practice skills, and explain how you would use

these skills to help the community address their challenges.


Social Science – Sociology WEEK 6 assignment
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