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. Read the NAEYC Position Statement on Diversity (see attachment), then complete the steps described below.

2. Create a table that includes the following headings: a) Summary and b) Classroom Application. Fill-in the table for the NAEYC Position Statement from the website provided. This information can be simple bullets and/or short sentences.

  • Summary- A synopsis of the important points from the article.
  • Classroom Application- Provide four (4) ideas for how the information in the article can be used in the learning environment for developing diversity.

3. Using the details from your table in Step 2 above, write an essay discussing:

  • A detailed summary of the article
  • A detailed explanation of how you can use these ideas in the learning environment to specifically influence children’s behavior. Pick four (4) ideas and describe them in detail, with information on how you would set-up the diversity idea and any materials you would need.

Format: APA – Word Count: 1250 words – Number of Required Citations: 4