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 Please see attachment. Please complete each question in a complete paragraph followed by a reference 


According to Cohen, do humans really desire a future life?  Why or why not?


Discuss the budgeting process associated with fire prevention, what do these budgets need to contain and why. 


Teachers should keep in regular contact with parents about how their children are performing and progressing at school. Describe four different strategies that you might use to open and/or maintain lines of communication with children’s parents.



Jane is a first grade student who appears to be experiencing both expressive and receptive language difficulties. She has attended her home school since kindergarten and both Jane and her parents are native English speaking. Her kindergarten teacher did not document any difficulty with language in school records or mention anything to the parents.

Her first grade teacher has noticed that Jane experiences problems with orally expressing herself clearly and responding appropriately to what others say to her without a visual support or repeated attempts but no formal interventions have been tried.  Jane’s parents have not been contacted yet. Her first grade teacher is concerned that Jane may have a specific learning disability because her language is affecting her ability to read, and do math, however she is not sure about how to get Jane the help that she may need.

Which of the two solutions works best?


Create an icebreaker topic for a departmental meeting in an effort to promote unity among the team and establish a healthy culture in the work environment.   What would your icebreaker be for the team of 15 department heads and how would you manage the meeting? 


View video above. summarize the content of the presentation; (b) discuss how culture was discussed as impacting development. Finally, drawing upon course readings and ancillary research, how does culture impact the experience of health issues? How might this help inform interaction with a child/adolescent who has been diagnosed with a health condition? How might this information aid in engaging with the child’s/adolescent’s parents?


What is a CEO’s role in crisis situations?

What is the role of ethics in crisis situations?

Respond by Day 4 and engage with at least two classmates by Day 7.


In addition to a financial loss, what other effects can a man-made or natural disaster have on a business?  Give a real-life example.  What advice would you give to manage the situation.


Imagine if we eliminated the notion of free will when it comes to our justice system. Present an argument that “justice” works better if we seek to help and fix people rather than just punish wrongdoers.


Based on research consider the ethical rationale for and against using genetic technologies to perfect human beings. Which aligns best with your own moral compass?  What is your role as a STEM professional in ensuring the ethical use of these technologies?


 Darr describes social responsibility in three different contexts. Describe some of the challenges associated with one of them


Reflect on your knowledge of healthcare reimbursement that you’ve learned over the 8 weeks in the course that you now know. How do you think this course will help you in other courses?

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