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My BACKGROUND before answering questions. Im a First year elementary K-5 teacher and im interested in class management.

Please describe what you think of when you picture a perfect teaching and learning environment.  To do this think back to a time either with your class, or your children, or your spouse, or your friends, when you were able to create a moment when everyone was in sync for learning together and sharing ideas.  What was it about that moment that created this magical sharing?

The purpose of this course is to integrate effective instructional techniques with models of classroom

management and discipline to effectively manage and monitor optimum student learning by using specific

techniques for creating positive learning environments. In this course, emphasis is placed on establishing a

classroom management program that is proactive in nature, effective in controlling student behavior, useful

in a variety of learning contexts, adaptable to diverse populations, and can be integrated into daily teaching

practices. The course analyzes major philosophical positions and theoretical models and their influences on

management practices in addition to the home-school connection.

What part of this course description are you most interested in learning about and why?

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