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Psychology Discussion

For each DQ elaborate within 250-300 words for each. Use in-text citations accordingly. Use
scholarly reference(s). Use and cite references using APA 7th Style Guide accordingly. Don’t combine DQs together.

Leadership, Management, And Influence

DQ 1) It is important for I/O psychologists to understand the effective leadership skills needed in organizations today. What are the most important essential skills required of organizational leaders? Why? How do effective and ineffective leadership behaviors affect employees both positively and negatively? Be sure to support your response with scholarly literature.

DQ 2) Select and discuss two major leadership theories. Evaluate which leadership theory you would recommend for assisting the organization identified in Topic 3 Assignment to help leaders and employees to move from the current state to the desired future state. Justify your response.

Talent Identification, Attraction, And Retention

DQ 1) Understanding the human side of the organization is an important skill for an I/O psychologist. This includes the entire employee life cycle – from recruiting and hiring through growth in the job to succession planning. A consistent component of the employee life cycle is the job description. In this DQ, describe your present job, including the knowledge, skills, abilities, and education requirements that are found in your job description. Discuss why job descriptions are an important part of employee recruiting, hiring, performance management, and retention in an organization.

DQ 2) How can the results of a job analysis be used as a tool for selection, training, and performance appraisal to move the organization from the current state to the desired future state? Support your response with scholarly literature.

Psychology Discussion
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