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Assignment # 1: Action Plan for Integrating Technology into the Language Arts Classroom, 20 points, Due week 4

Design a plan for integrating technology into an elementary language arts program. This plan should include a format for utilizing computer hardware, computer software, databases, as well as electronic networks for gathering and sharing information with other elementary educators and students.  Select and read reference articles on integrating technology into the elementary language arts classroom with ESOL/LEP. Citations from electronic journal articles would be particularly appropriate. Also, national, state, or local school district documents outlining goals and objectives for technology integration should be reviewed and cited as references. 
This assignment should be done in PPT. The action plan for integrating technology into an elementary language arts program should be in proposal form. The components of the proposal should include the following:

Needs or problem statement, i.e. a description of whether the proposal is addressing a need or solving a problem and a description of the 
target student population ( grade or age levels, ability levels, learning styles, developmental needs, ESOL/LEP) that the proposal addresses;

Project description, i.e. a narrative description of goals, objectives, activities, timeline, and materials and a summary table;

Role description, i.e. a statement of role and responsibilities of the proposal instructor and developer;

Support needs statement, i.e. based on school data (e.g. School Improvement Plan), a description of what school support is needed (equipment, software, training, teacher and staff collaboration) as well as community support that is needed (parental involvement and community mentors);

Evaluation design, i.e. a narrative describing the method used to determine if learning goals and objectives have been achieved; narrative describing method used to determine if the state’s curriculum standards and the state’s Elementary Education Competencies and Skills in Language Arts and Reading have been met.

Budget, i.e. a narrative explaining item costs and a budget outline listing instructional materials and equipment needed for proposal implementation;

References, a listing of journal articles or other documents that support the proposed ideas. (Minimum of 3 references, one of which can be the course textbook.

· Save with the filename in this format:  YourSurname-ELE0601-A1