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pn 3 m3 diss


Triage involves the rapid assessment and prioritization of patients. Compare the three-tiered system of triage to the Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) triage philosophy. Imagine that you are the Triage Nurse during an MCI. How will you categorize the following patients using the MCI triage philosophy? Explain your answer. Are there any ethical issues that should be considered?

10-year-old boy with massive head injury, no spontaneous breathing, BP 60 palp
22-year-old female with a close fracture of the left arm
60-year-old male with a laceration in the leg complaining of shortness of breath
15-year-old girl with glass embedded in the eyes
52-year-old male with a pulse of 30 and a blood pressure of 70/30

pn 3 m3 diss
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