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pm 3 m2 written


 The student must list at least 3 risk factors related to the medical diagnoses.
The student must list at least 6 possible/anticipated medications that the client may be on
The student is to describe one subjective statement that they client may say related to the medical diagnosis
The student is to list at least 3 objective assessments that would be expected with a client who has the medical diagnosis. Anticipated S/S or manifestations of the medical diagnosis.
The student is to list at least 6 specific sources of diagnostic data that would relate or be expected to be ordered for the client who has the medical diagnosis. “Labs” is not appropriate. What specific lab would provide you with information related to the medical diagnosis (Lithium level, Dilantin level etc.)
Identify at least three possible nursing diagnosis written in a 2-part format based on your subjective and objective criterion you established (2-part = Nursing diagnosis …. related to (R/t) symptoms….)
Identify at least 5 nursing interventions that you would do for your client (NO MEDICATIONS)
Identify at least 2 medical interventions such as treatments or procedures
List at least 5 major teaching points such as teaching about medications, risk factors, medical procedures or anticipated diagnostic procedures.

pm 3 m2 written
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