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Please find an article or news story about some whistleblowing situation. Please do not use high-profile cases like Snowden or Manning. If you can find the same story described by different sources all the better. Do not use some personal experience unless it was discussed in credible new sources. I need to be able to verify the account.

Then, using the attached worksheet discuss the case. Specifically, after telling me a sentence or two about the case, you will identify all of the key stakeholders and how you feel they were negatively impacted. For example, if someone released company records and emails to blow the whistle, discuss whose emails and how the information led to actions against them. If no one was negatively impacted, then why use it for this case study?

Discuss the final outcome (see directions) and most importantly, use your moral compass to describe or explain why you feel someone’s actions were morally wrong. Again, if there was no wrongdoing, why was some whistle blown?

Finally, imagine you are in a leadership position. What could you reasonably do to keep the situation from happening again, to prevent the need for someone to feel a need to blow the whistle? Depending on the situation, you may feel the real wrongdoer is the whistleblower. If so, then describe why what the company/government did or is doing is justified, again using your moral theories.

This case study will be evaluated using the attached grading table. Please use this to your advantage to check your work before submitting. Be sure to apply at least one ethical system in depth, including the application of at least 3 specific aspects of that system to the analysis of all parts of the worksheet/case study.