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Part 2 


Overview of DNP Project

The DNP program at Walden University is designed to promote student development as a nurse leader and scholar-practitioner. Pursuant to this outcome, graduates are expected to engage in and provide leadership for evidence-based practice in their chosen practice settings, which requires theoretical, empirical, and experiential application of knowledge—including translation of research to practice; evaluation and improvement of healthcare practice and outcomes; and participation in collaborative scholarship. The purpose of the DNP Project is to guide students in designing, developing, implementing, evaluating, and/or translating, as well as subsequently disseminating, scholarship that addresses an evidence-based need or problem in their focused area of practice.

Advanced practice nursing students: After finding a preceptor in their specialty area, students may focus their practicum experience on developing and applying new knowledge and expertise in their specialty area along with expanding their responsibilities for managing the care of individuals, families, and communities within systems or organizations. In addition, students may examine the following areas based on their area of expertise: practice trends; possible systemic changes to improve healthcare quality and safety at the organizational or policy level; or improvements in evidence-based practice settings.