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Human Resource systems

What are the major factors to consider when an organization is considering upgrading or implementing a new human resource information system?

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Gap assessment – What is the present situation (legacy system), the desired future state (new HRIS), and the gaps that exists between them for the following areas of the organization?

Information Systems – requirements for hardware and operating system software architecture
Human Resources – demographic employee data variables (distinguish which system maintains, how information is updated, any controls, and connectivity with other support functions) and security of the data (availability to functional levels, e.g. employee, manager, finance, operation managers)
Operations, Finance, Quality – productivity (more or less work) of employees (management/non-management) and cost versus benefit

An informative visual map illustrating:

the current state (no HRIS)
the future state (HRIS system in place)
the interdependency and/or replacement of other databases

Human Resource systems
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