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Final paper-paper must be written on a PHD level please Question: “How can strategic human resource management practices be optimized within the federal government to enhance organizational effectiveness, employee engagement, and adaptability in a rapidly changing socio-political landscape?”Date
Identify a problem, or issue, in your respective work spaces (department or unit in your organization), which needs to be improved upon for sustainability of the organization. As such, you are to do the following: 1) frame the research question–what exactly do you want to investigate; 2) based on the question that you have framed, what is the research methodology–quantitative or qualitative–explain how you envision collecting data based on the methodology; 3) what does the literature suggest regarding this topic (problem/issue)–you must identify a maximum of 10 current (2019-present) peer-reviewed journal articles which address or discuss this topic. Notes: a) This paper must not exceed 10 pages; b) You are to follow APA, Seventh Edition guidelines, throughout the document