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GCU Importance Of Leadership Skills In Healthcare Industry Nursing Assignment Help

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please respond to the following discussion post:
“Leadership skills are important for everyone in the healthcare industry, from doctors and nurses to executives and administrators. Some healthcare roles, such as healthcare administration, place a greater emphasis on leadership skills than others. As a healthcare leader, you will be expected to oversee staff, implement plans, and make decisions that have an impact on the standard of care patients receive in your facility or organization. Building leadership skills is a crucial part of handling all these responsibilities and depending on the size of the organization or facility, you may also have other duties (CHCP, 2023). Examples of leadership skills include integrity, delegation, communication, agility, empathy, team building, critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving. 

Use opportunities to put leadership skills into practice, such as working on active listening as part of your communication skill set or focusing on critical thinking when you need to solve a problem or make decisions. Knowing how to improve leadership skills can help ensure you are prepared for a career as a healthcare administrator. The best way to ensure you have the skills necessary for this career is to obtain a degree in healthcare administration, as these degree programs offer many opportunities to learn and develop leadership skills (CHCP, 2023). 

CHCP. (2023, January 25). College of Health Care Professions. https://www.chcp.edu/blog/leadership-skills-needed… 

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GCU Importance Of Leadership Skills In Healthcare Industry Nursing Assignment Help
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