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For this final case study, choose one contested development in the history of cyber security  based on research complete the worksheet. If you have already discussed your own profession in class, choose an ethical debate related to a STEM profession that has not been covered.

Please keep in mind there must be some ethical conundrum addressed. However, for this “case study,” there does not need to be a particular story or article and the resources you gather might be for background information. For example, much has been made over Elon Musk’s interpretation of the right to free speech. But since STEM includes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, you are free to focus on any conundrum or dilemma from any of those areas. As a reminder, if you cannot apply your moral compass to defend your position on the topic, you need to rethink your subject.

For this case study, again be sure to apply a detailed ethical system to the selected case. Consider at least three specific aspects of an ethical rationale for your discussion of whether the instance is moral and your discussion of leadership recommendations.