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3 Discussion Questions assignment

For this assignment, write about 300 words for each discussion question;

For each Discussion question, cite at least 1 peer review references in
APA 7th format.

don’t use any AI writing or OPEN AI answers


Think of a conflict that you have witnessed at the workplace (it could be internal with fellow employees, supervisors, or subordinates; or external with customers, clients or vendors) 

· Which of the theories described in the textbook best explains why the conflict arose or the choices made by parties to the conflict? 

· Describe the pros and cons of different theories as explanations for these events. 

· What is the connection between these theories and your practical management decisions?

· How did this affect morale?

Text book: Raines, S. S. (2019).
Conflict management for managers: Resolving workplace, client, and policy disputes (2nd ed.)
. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Print ISBN: 978-1538119921


Find a news article on crucial negotiations. 

Based on the articles you find: 

· Describe the positions, interests, and BATNAs. 

· What are the human dynamics that drive the negotiation? 

· Can you suggest any changes in the approach that could have an impact and even change the outcomes of the negotiations? 


Analyze and discuss the communication styles prevalent in your workplace. (Define and be specific) 

· Is there an overall preference for direct or indirect communication? (Define each and answer through your definition)

· Do the employees generally share a polychronic or monochronic approach to time, or is there an absence of consensus on this issue? Define each and answer through your definition)

· What is your organization’s approach to gender role differentiation? 

· Do men and women tend to do different types of work, or is the work done interchangeably? Why? 

· Does this work to the advantage of one group over the other?

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