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Education Assignment 1 745

Assignment 1

Written assessment activity 1 – Effective practices for schools in school improvement

Each written assessment exercise is designed to focus on a specific aspect of this course. It is an opportunity to explore the topic in depth in a narrative response that integrates practical experience, research and reflection. In your answer, be sure to include at least three citations from academic research, and one of them should come from the required course text.

Focus: School Culture and Community

Improvement strategy 3.2. Engage students and families in achieving educational goals

Role: You were appointed principal of a secondary school improvement plan

Problem: In the school’s transition report, the academic superintendent informs the principal that the school has serious problems regarding school climate and culture, which have affected academic achievement. There is a lack of motivation among school staff, students do not enter classrooms or participate in extracurricular activities. At the same time, there is receptivity on the part of parents to attend school activities. As a principal you must create a plan with the purpose of involving students and families in achieving educational goals.


Prepare a paper of 400-500 words that clearly and exhaustively answers all the questions. Identify any gaps or areas of concern, then create a 90-day plan to address them. Your action plan can be an MS Word or Excel table included in your writing.
Use as a reference the Effective Practices Guide for School Improvement Schools and other updated references.

Guiding questions:

Why is it important to develop a healthy school culture?

What are the types of beliefs that could be integrated into a school’s philosophy and have the potential to drive practice?

What strategy would you include in your effective practices?

What staff attitudes, if universally adopted, could lay the foundation for a school culture of learning and success?

In your role as a high-impact principal, how would you help staff and parents develop a culture that supports and sustains teaching and learning?

What would be the action plan to develop?

Write an operational objective that includes: What do you want to achieve? When? That? Who? As?

Administrative Activities: What am I going to do to achieve the objective?

Responsible Personnel: Who or who will carry out the activity?

Evaluation Method How will I measure the achievement of the objective? Analysis, Comparative study

Other assignment guidelines:

o Narrative essay format of 400-500 words

o MS Word graphic for the action plan integrated into the narrative.

o Use APA 7 formatting guidelines for academic citations.

o Carefully revise your narrative respecting writing mechanics for good grammar, punctuation, and academic writing style.

Education Assignment 1 745
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