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Discussion Questions

Textbook: Roberts, C. M., & Hyatt, L. (2019). 
The dissertation journey: A practical guide to planning, writing, and defending your dissertation (3rded.). Corwin Publishing Co. ISBN-
 9781506373331. Read Chapter 12.

Additional Resources
 to complete the discussions.

· ProQuest. (2020, December).

ProQuest most-accessed dissertations and theses

· NurseKillam. (2014, March 14).

Nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio data: How to remember the differences
 [Video]. YouTube. 

Discussion Question: Must be at least 300 words.

This week’s reading focused on learning and understanding the fundamental differences and requirements of analyzing quantitative and qualitative data.

Upon reviewing the assigned reading, describe the instrumentation and the anticipated data required to answer your proposed research question(s) or hypothesis.

Discussion Question: Must be at least 300 words.

Develop a unique research question. Briefly explain the data required to research the research question/hypothesis. Accordingly, determine the appropriate research methodology and an applicable data analysis plan.

Discussion Questions
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