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Discussion 1

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Please answer the discussion questions and respond to Jennifer and Shandra.

Discussion: What do you think of the statement “A celebration of diversity in our classroom recognizes both the variations and the similarities in the human theme.”

Please cite two sources within your discussion to share your viewpoint and remember to reply to at least two of your classmates. 


I find that the emphasis on diversity within a classroom allows students to have insight into the differences between themselves and their classmates. It is the teachers’ responsibility to provide a positive environment that focuses on valuing and respecting all backgrounds. The human theme describes the different stages that a person has to go through to find a sense of self and purpose. Depending on the cultural background that a person comes from will influence the stages they may experience in their lives. This is why it is essential to celebrate diversity in a classroom. As mentioned, the teacher is responsible for having the appropriate representation in their classrooms for their students. Teachers should first gain knowledge to assist them in incorporating the appropriate materials. Teacher knowledge has three domains: content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, and generic pedagogical knowledge (2021). These would refer to their ability to understand the content, know how to make it available for students, and how to utilize it to create an effective learning environment. 

The presence of diversity in a classroom creates an accepting environment and allows relationships to be formed in the classroom. With the significant appearance of diversity within a classroom, students will become interested in exploring diversity in culture, ethnicity, perspectives, values, and ideas that may differ from what they are already familiar with. This will cause students to become more aware and accepting of the differences and similarities that are present between themselves and the people surrounding them (2022). It’s very important to ensure that students are aware of diverse differences and similarities within a classroom because it is something that they will encounter anywhere that they go. Teachers must influence their students to be accepting and respectful of all different backgrounds.


It is my viewpoint that the statement“ A celebration of diversity in our classroom recognizes both the variations and the similarities in the human theme”, is multi faceted. Celebrating diversity in a classroom infuses, cultural, physical, mental, behavioral  and sexual variations and similarities that are driven by the perceived financial associations with an academic learner and educator. Educators must understand the systemic disparities in academic achievement, student placement, and student discipline to meet the needs of students of color (Bishop and Noguera, 2019; Bottiani et al., 2018).

Diversity within a classroom can be complex, however, it is the educator’s job to embed the human theme within the classroom rules and expectations. In a more recent study that examined middle school teachers’ classroom management practices, Gaias et al. (2019) found a strong correlation between teachers’ use of culturally responsive classroom management practices and students’ engagement and participation in class.

Once these routines are in place, diversity can be celebrated and used as an educational tool.

Understanding the human theme which incorporates the ability to be a person, live in relationships and to be morally good, means that we must teach children to learn to embrace all of variations and similarities of human kind and find a way to co exist within a given environment.

One of the true enjoyable moments of teaching are when you reach that point within the academic year where your classroom has become a community and  eagerly seeks to learn from each other’s diversity. Celebrating cultural holidays, study habits, group think attributes and leadership qualities are all diverse variations that can be celebrated as long as the human theme guidelines are reciprocated in the learning environment.