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As we continue to navigate (still) living in and surviving a global pandemicLinks to an external site., we depend on information and communication technologies (ICT) to help us work, learn, connect with family and friends, and receive healthcare through telemedicine appointmentsLinks to an external site.. In this multimodal post, please describe the following:
(1) An ICT that is helping you live, and perhaps even thrive, during this pandemic. How does it support your daily life and activities and/or your long-term goals post-pandemic? What is unique about this ICT as seen through this lens?
(2) An ICT that isn’t helping you live and thrive in the pandemic. How is it lowering your quality of life or keeping you distracted and/or disconnected? How could it be improved to help support you?
(3) An ICT / group of ICT that could help your community become stronger in the pandemic. For example: Does your community need new tech-based paths to share information? What ICT could help children be more connected to their school communities and learn in more effective and engaging ways? Which ICT can you envision that your community needs right now to help it survive and thrive in this pandemic? (Define “community” in any way that is meaningful to you.)

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