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Your manager has already learned a lot from you! Unfortunately, and to your worst fears, it has become apparent that

Celinsky Automotive Group (CAG) has suffered a ransomware infection. Reports are coming into the Security Operations

Center (SOC) of employee’s screens showing threatening messages like the one below:

Your manager is extremely concerned as the pace of the outbreak is fast, operations have already been impacted, and she heard the CEO wants to talk to her ASAP. She needs your help quickly to try and get ahead of this situation.

Answer the following questions below and include the question in your post. What would you communicate to your manager?

· What is the first thing CAG should do now that a ransomware attack seems all but confirmed, and how do you think theCAG information security professionals can best respond to this ransomware attack?

· Provide your thoughts on how CAG can reach a decision to pay the ransom. Should CAG pay the ransom? Why or why not?

Once a ransomware attack is underway, your systems and data are in jeopardy. What are some of the impacts related to recovery, downtime, cost, and brand reputation? In your opinion, which is the most important and why?

Textbook Reference

Grama, J. L. (2022).
Legal and privacy issues in information security (3rd ed.). Jones and Bartlett.


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