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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Read Carefully!!!!
You are required to prepare a construction estimate and schedule for the work indicated on the
attached plans.
1. Title Sheet
2. Table of Contents
3. A brief written narrative summarizing your approach for both the estimate and schedule.
Your summary should state a summary of the estimate and a summary of the schedule
including duration, ending date, and critical path. (approximately 1,500 words)
4. The Construction cost estimate should be in a similar format to the sample provided.
5. A linear schedule using Microsoft Project or similar program (you can also use Excel if
you do not have access to Project).
a. Identify all nine major tasks, notice to proceed and setting up construction
b. Identify the overall project duration
c. Critical Path
d. Identify any overlap or float in the schedule.
Your submission shall be bound into a single PDF and start the title of your submission with your last
i will upload all the handouts for your reference okay?
1. Prepare a Critical Path Schedule
2. Prepare a Budget Tracking Spreadsheet
3. Prepare an Estimate
please follow the requirement. thank you.

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Civil Engineering
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