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1. Project Report
A. Teams are expected to turn in a complete business plan report 12 pages, double-spaced.
The proposed business plan should include the following:
• Value proposition: what’s the main broad idea behind your website concept.
• Business and Revenue Model: Determine your products and services and how the
business will generate or make money.
• Market opportunities: Determine the characteristics of the industry and how similar
products/services have done in the market.
Competition: Determine competitors, the difference between your products and services and those offered by your competitors and assess your competitive advantage.
Marketing: Determine your target audience, design your marketing plan, identify the ways you will use to attract visitors to your site and determine what are the different methods you’d use to promote your products/services.
Management team: Identify what kinds of background/business experiences are necessary in your business, determine your management team and their duties and suggest what types of organizational structures are necessary for your business
B. Teams are also expected to run of the social networks platforms for a while to gather users usage data. Based on that data, teams should analyse and recommend future plans for their projects.
C. Overall all your report should include an executive summary, introduction, and conclusion.
2. Project Presentation
At the end of the semester, you will present the project’s business model along with the
completed website in a 15-minute presentation. You can also include the challenges that you
may have faced in this project or any unexpected results

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