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Business & Finance – Marketing homework

An individual written assignment applying services marketing concepts to a specific service company.

2500 +/- 10% in a word document – excludes title, table of contents, references, appendices

Harvard Referencing

Assessment Task
What are you required to do in this assignment?

You are tasked with selecting a service business of your choice and conducting a focused analysis of its marketing strategies and practices. You investigation should include secondary research (using different sources such as websites, textbook, articles, etc.) and/or primary research (interviews, surveys, etc.).

Your analysis should aim to achieve the following objectives:

3Cs analysis – Analysing the Customer, Competitor and Company to find the key success factors and to create a viable marketing strategy.

Services marketing mix analysis – Analysing 7Ps, Product, Place, Price, Promotion, Physical Evidence, Process and People to review and define key issues that affect the marketing of its products and/or services.

Construct a service blueprint – Displaying the entire process of service delivery, by listing all the activities that happen at each stage, performed by the different roles involved.

Recommendations for improvement – These should be based on your analyses in previous sections and the research you have conducted.

References – A minimum of 10 sources, 5 of which are from academic / credible sources including business reports, market research, academic textbooks, and scholarly journal articles.

LO1 – Identify the difference between product and services and the unique characteristics of services.

LO2 – Explain the implications of these characteristics in the design and execution of marketing strategies for services.

LO3 – Apply various tools to analyse services marketing practices and make recommendations.

LO4 – Plan and develop marketing strategies for firms in service industry.

Business & Finance – Marketing homework
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