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Cognitive Psychology



Cognitive psychology

Cognitive psychology entails people’s attention to details, what they remember, how they speak, and their decisions. The area of cognitive psychology that interests me the most is memory. We receive a lot of information daily; what matters is our ability to remember. Our learning, reasoning, and problem-solving are all determined by our ability to remember (McBride et al., 2022). I find this area of psychology interesting because I would like to understand more about how we consume, store, and retrieve information in our brains.

Mental health is the applied setting in which I have more interest for my future career. The importance of mental health cannot be understated, yet it has not been addressed enough. I am also interested in this applied setting because I feel that it will help me explore how memory works. Mental health issues start with memory. For example, thinking about something too much can cause depression. Memory is a key factor for diagnosing mental health issues such as dementia. Therefore, I feel that my interest in memory would be explored better in the mental health applied setting.

Potential cognitive problems in memory that can be solved through further research in cognitive processes include memory loss (McBride et al., 2022). Memory loss is a person’s inability to remember information. People with memory loss forget critical details, such as their names. Research in cognitive processes would help to identify the factors that cause memory loss and how to prevent it. Another cognitive problem is behavioral changes (McBride et al., 2022). Memory issues can cause behavioral changes, which can only be understood through the study of cognitive processes.


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